After the wedding trailer we published in the previous days of the couple Oya and Joel, the wedding movie of the wedding in Switzerland city Basel is now out too.

The domestic patterns and dynamics of the destination weddings, that we have taken abroad, differ from the weddings in Turkey. It is worth indicating that the language spoken in Switzerland is one of the biggest differences.

During the marriage ceremony held in Zivilstandsamt, Oya and Joel couple was asked to marry each other in German Language in the face of their invitees. In Safran Zunft where the wedding dinner and entertainment will be, Oya and Joel preferred their common language which is English language. Speeches for the invited guests were simultaneously projected in Turkish and German Languages with a projection at the same time. If we think about the 4 different languages officially spoken in Switzerland, I guess we will not be surprised at this point 🙂

We wish all the best of happiness to our couple and leave you with the unforgettable wedding movie.

Enjoy the wedding movie 🙂