After the wedding trailer we published in the previous days of the couple Miray and Sebastiaan, the wedding movie of the wedding in the Netherlands city Apeldoorn is now out too.

Our journey to Apeldoorn with Miray and Sebastiaan started 2 days before the wedding at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. With our couple we went 2 days before the wedding to Apeldoorn to discover good places to take our pictures and determined the perfect time for the best light. The day before the wedding we all welcomed Miray`s family at the Amsterdam Schipol Airport and continued our shootings. The barbecue party at Sebastiaan`s familys` house for the sake of Miray`s family, showed us one more time how the two families of different cultures are sincerely getting along with each other.

With the start of wedding preparations our shooting started at the Van Der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn and was crowned with the marvelous party at the evening.

We wish all the best of happiness to our couple and leave you with the unforgettable wedding movie.

Enjoy the wedding movie 🙂