While we were talking about Oya and Joel couple’s wedding trailer, wedding film and wedding photos, it is time for my surprise that I mentioned in my previous writings 🙂

In the Summer 2017 issue of the Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine, photographs of the wedding of Miray and Sebastiaan couple in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, were published. This time we are in the Winter 2017-2018 of the Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine with photographs of the Oya and Joel couples’ wedding held in Switzerland’s city of Basel 🙂

Let’s listen to stories of the wedding process by our beloved Oya with the photos from the Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine.

Enjoy reading 🙂

Oya & Joel

The couple put their signatures on a fabulous night with their dog’s participation.

Chemical engineer Oya Gursoy and chemist Joel Wahl said ‘yes’ on September 1, 2017… The couple, who was a research assistant at the University of Basel in Switzerland, walked to their hotel with join hands after their wedding.


We first visited Restaurant Safran Zunft, which is at the top of our list for the wedding venue. The story of this place, which has served more than a hundred years made our decision with our first step in Guild Hall (Zunftsaal), which is based on the middle ages and can only be described as magnificent, reserved for celebrations. For our wedding songs, we decided on the band named Balkan Express consisting of 4 Swiss musicians. For our wedding photos and videos we preferred Cem Türkmen.


I wore two different bridal gowns on the wedding day. For the official ceremony in the morning hours, we can say that I wore bridal dress not like wedding bridal gown. I bought this dress which has a romantic look in thin lace champagne color, from a private collection of a Zara shop in Switzerland. My real bride gown belongs to the world’s sweetest designer in İzmir; Ayca Onuk and Peri Gibi. I felt like a fairy myself in my hand woven bridal with pearls at top and lightly sparkling beads.


My dear friend Katie Lauren Allday from England, who is one of the professional dancer, amateur makeup artist and one of the three bridesmaids, is my only choice from the beginning for both my hair and make-up.


We did avoid exaggeration in the decor since the hall is quite flashy. We decorated the tables with vibrant Mediterranean and roses in pastel tone, turquoise colored bands, marine shells and tealight candles to reflect the Aegean / Mediterranean culture. We are also a couple traveling a lot, so we’ve put every one of our photos taken in different cities around the world. Joel’s mother prepared and packed the custom-made aniseed cookies on top of Oya & Joel’s print, which is a tradition in the Basel region, , and left one on each guest’s plate. We named our tables with the word “Love” in different languages.


We made our first dance with the song “My Way of Life” by Frank Sinatra. Since we are a very fond of dessert, we offered a sweet buffet of 10 different kinds of dessert instead of cake. The mascots of our wedding ceremony were undoubtedly Kiraz and Şans that our Golden Retriever dogs with their miniature costumes and bow tie. It was unforgettable for a moment when Kiraz danced with me on the floor. By the end of the day, we left the wedding hall with our dogs and had a walk to our hotel with join hands in the city center of Basel.


We preferred Flamm Hotel in Bodrum.


VENUE Zunftsaal, Restaurant Safran Zunft, Basel
PLANNER Bride’s Bees (Ceren Kayalar, Elvin Cuhadar, Katie Allday)
BRIDAL DRESS Peri Gibi, Ayça Onuk
GROOM DRESS Beymen, Altınyıldız
HAIR & MAKE-UP Katie Lauren Allday
PHOTOS Cem Türkmen
MUSİC Balkan Express/İsviçre
FLOWER Stadtmarkt Basel
CAKE Restaurant Safran Zunft