My article about the Wedding Photography was published with the Wedding story of the couple Miray and Sebastiaan in ” Experts Suggestions ” section in Cosmopolitan Bride Summer 2017 🙂

Hope this article that was published on Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine, will be helpful for those who are preparing for their wedding. Have fun while reading 🙂

There are two different methods of shooting in wedding photography: traditional and documentary. In traditional wedding photography, you are more likely to encounter photographs of classic pose and fiction. In documentary wedding photography, which we have adopted as a method, it is aimed to capture the most natural moments in the right background without putting the couples in positions. Our wedding story shoots include the process from the preparation phase of the couple to the end of the wedding with the documentary photography approach. Thanks to the meetings we held with couples in advance of the shootings, we have the opportunity to understand the style of couples. According to the style of the couples, we make suggestions for the outdoors shoots and plan our wedding day in detail and then start to wait for it. We perform our shots in many different destinations both at home and abroad with the motto “We turn moments into memories’’.

At the same time, thanks to our international platforms (Fearless Wedding Photographers) which we have accepted by evaluating our portfolio, foreign couples who will be married in Turkey show interest in our shootings. Apart from our wedding story shoots, we also shoot different concepts such as Save The Date and Trash The Dress.  Save The Date is shot before the wedding. In this concept, we recommend our couples to have these shootings at least 1.5-2 months prior to the wedding date to use photographs and videos effectively. If we take a look at how the photos we use in the Save The Date concept are mainly used; couples can place one or more of these photos on their wedding invitations.

Due to the increased use of social media in the last period, these photos can be used for e-invitations sent on internet or for the events that will also be created on social media for the wedding. At the entrance of the place where the wedding will be held, a mini exhibition of Save The Date photographs can be prepared. Trash The Dress shoots are done without any worries to make bridal dress and groom’s suit to be torn or polluted after the wedding. The filming of our wedding film, which we made in the form of a short film next to our photo shoots, adds a different visuality to the unforgettable moments of the couple. After the shooting, we deliver all photos digitally to our couples.

the elections of photos, we move forward to print albums while toning, retouching and designing album page design by getting the approval from our couples.”