I have shared my articles about wedding photography in the section of Experts Suggestions” and “Netherlands Wedding Story section of Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine’s Summer 2017. After Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine, I want to mention about news for BRIDE’S magazine 🙂 In BRIDE’S magazine, Spring-Summer 2017, my interview was published 🙂 I hope that the interview has been a useful in particular wedding photography and wedding cinema for couples getting married.

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Moments Are Becoming Memories…

Each shot is a story and the couples are its main characters for photographer Cem Türkmen who tries to keep new couples’ happiness and excitement alive with special shots. In addition to the photos, we talked about his art with Türkmen who also attracted attention with his wedding cinema shootings that he made in the taste of a short movie.

Could you tell us a little about yourself and your profession?

I have been taking photos since in July of 2005. The photographs I took with passion for years were noticed by the leading photograph doyen of Turkey. My photographs were published in respected photography exhibitions such as Iz Magazine and Eczacibasi annuals. In national competitions, 29 photographs of mine were awarded, and 38 photographs were worthy of being exhibited. I couldn’t resist my passion and I ended up with a sudden decision to devote more time to photography as an engineering career that I continued in the automotive sector. When I started to make wedding photographs of my friends on the requests from the nearby circles, I realized that wedding photography had many social and technical skills and decided to concentrate my studies on this field. The elements that make me most excited about wedding photography are dynamism and sweet impetus, the right composition that is created under pressure such as time and aesthetic understanding, to make sure that the day is comfortable with the communication I have established with couples and catch the right moments.

You have all the fiction and the control of a day without a repetition, and it is a great responsibility. How do you prepare for the shooting day?

We always check our equipment for photography and video shooting a few days ago. We do not want to create a place to coincidences for the couple on their most special day. For any reason, we always bring some back-up equipment. One of the most significant issues on the shooting day is the archiving of captured photos during weddings in a healthy and fast manner. Especially, the loss of data in the digital photography shooting is undoubtedly one of the biggest risks for that special day. To avoid this problem, we record our photographs on two different memory cards at the same time. If we are not satisfied with this situation, then we take backups of all the cards as well. Organizationally, we are reviewing the notes that we have taken at the coordination meetings that we held before the shootings.

What do you share with couples to marry before shooting? What kind of demands do they have from you or theirs?

In my opinion, every shot is a brand new story with its own internal dynamics. The main characters of this story are undoubtedly our future couples. I meet the couple who are in the hurry before the shootings; I talk about how we can photograph their wishes, pleasures, life styles, beauty, feelings and happiness in a best way and exchange ideas. In our documentary wedding photography, which we have adopted as a method, couples are aiming to acquire sincere and natural frames in the right funds without being exposed and giving poses. This happens undoubtedly due to a strong dialogue that we had with the couple before the wedding day. For the shootings that are in abroad, we can mention about three different requirements in outline. These requests are briefly; the wedding organization is performed entirely in Turkey, the photography and video shootings are done in the destination chosen by the couple for honeymoon, the marriage procedures are done in one of the consulates of the Republic of Turkey in abroad and the shooting is done in the same city, all the organizations belonging to the wedding are held abroad. We are also receiving intense requests regarding the “Save The Date” footage, which has become trendy in recent years with a growing popularity.

Do you have advice for couples getting married?

I think the most important recommendation for couples that getting married is that they should enjoy the wedding day, which is undoubtedly the most important day of their lives, and not to be caught in any detracting from their energy. For the details of the wedding day, one or two people to be chosen as the contact by the bride and groom will significantly reduce the phone traffic of the couple in wedding day. Therefore, the factors that develop outside of the pair will be kept at the controllable level as well. It is very important for the couples to communicate with companies at least six months in advance, considering the seasonal intensity of them. They should find the one suitable for their own style so that they can work with the people they want. (cemturkmen.com)