Oleg Cassini

It was very pleasant to have filmed the Oleg Cassini: 1 Woman 4 Bride project trailer which involves 4 different wedding dresses of the Oleg Cassini collection chosen by the famous fashion and style blogger Styleboom.

Even though Oleg Cassini came to the Turkish market in 2010 in the brands history it put on many first ladies. If you search a little apart from first ladies this brand was also chosen by Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Grace Kelly and Gene Tierney. All the designs are prepared by a designer group in USA. Thanks to the little chats we had in between the shootings we learned that For Turkish customers special preferences they can do some changes accordingly to the brides wishes.

The trailer starts with the Sultan’s Harem Bride, then the Vintage Bride, continued by the Sophisticated Bride and finally with the Princess Bride. All the wedding dresses are astonishing but the visuality and the little details on the dress of the vintage dress concept got my special attention.

I think that the most significant reason for the Vintage Bride concept to get my attention is the vintage toning of the wedding photographs.

The Sophisticated Bride concept needs to be remunerated for its magnificent cloak. Even with the slightest breeze of a wind the cloak will give without doubt dynamism to the wedding photographs and the wedding movie. With the experience of being a wedding photographer I can say that all brides are having difficulty with the bride’s veil in even the slightest sense of a wind therefore I want to state an advantage of this dress. The cloak of this dress can’t be taken off and is tidied to the chest of the dress because of this I can say for sure that the Bride won’t have any difficulty at windy weather.

The Sultan’s Harem Bride concepts most significant features are that its color change to honey tone, the shiny engravings and the magnificent bride’s veil. Especially in indoor weddings it will look even more grandiose.

The Princess Bride concept is what I believe is the first image that comes to everyone’s mind when thought about a wedding dress in Turkey.

We can see the increase in preference to the Vintage Bride concept in recent years from our own wedding shooting experience. However when I looked at the sales figures of Oleg Cassini, I learned that the Princess Bride concept is still the most preferred model of wedding dresses. I believe the reason for this is that when thought about a wedding dress this model is what comes first to the mind of many and this explains the reason for it to be the most preferred one.